Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Institute in Ukraine?

The American Institute in Ukraine is a privately funded U.S. nonprofit organization. AIU's purpose is to address questions relating to American policy toward Ukraine, particularly with respect to security issues such as Ukraine's possible accession as a member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance.

What is AIU’s purpose?

AIU seeks to provide the people of Ukraine with a more representative sense of the diversity of American perspectives to allow for a better informed national debate. Existing American organizations active in Ukraine, many of them U.S.-government funded, not surprisingly promote the policy of the U.S. government that Ukraine should become a NATO member at the earliest possible date. This creates the false impression in Ukraine that American opinion is uniform on that question. AIU opposes efforts by Ukrainian authorities, by NATO, or by the U.S. government to manipulate Ukraine's public opinion or constitutional processes to produce the preconceived result of NATO membership.

However participants in AIU activities express their own opinions, which may differ from one another. AIU is not responsible for persons participating in AIU activities nor necessarily agrees with their views.

Is AIU a lobbying group?

No. AIU carries out no activities either in the U.S. or abroad to influence the passage of legislation or administrative actions. AIU conducts no activities nor sponsors any events (conferences, roundtables, etc.) in the United States.

Is AIU an official government organization?

No. AIU neither receives, solicits, nor accepts funds from any government.

Is AIU a membership organization?

No. However, individuals may sign up to receive email information via the AIU website.

What languages does AIU use?

AIU conducts activities in the English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. However, not all informational and educational materials produced or distributed by AIU, nor activities conducted by AIU, necessarily will be in all three languages.

Is AIU connected to any political party?

No. AIU neither endorses nor is affiliated with any political party in any country. AIU strives to engage in constructive dialogue with Ukrainian opinion reflecting the full spectrum of Ukraine's political parties, social movements, professional groups, languages, and regions. American, Ukrainian, and third country participants in AIU's activities reflect a diversity of political, social, and personal perspectives.

Is AIU concerned only with the NATO question?

No. AIU initially is focused on and will retain an active interest in the question of Ukraine's NATO accession as the most pressing, and potentially damaging, policy issue between the United States and Ukraine, and affecting both countries' relations with European countries, with NATO as an organization, and with Russia. Future activities may address additional topics concerning Ukraine's relationship with European countries and institutions such as the European Union; and a range of Ukraine's complex political, social, economic, commercial, financial, ethnic, religious, linguistic, and regional issues. But NATO is and will remain AIU's primary concentration for the forseeable future.

Does AIU take a position on Ukraine's participation in the Ukraine-NATO Commission and NATO's "Partnership for Peace" program?

AIU takes no position per se on such participation. However, the AIU opposes any effort -- which currently is the case -- to use the Ukraine-NATO Commission as a stealth Membership Action Plan (MAP) to facilitate Ukraine's entry into NATO. AIU respectfully submits for consideration by the people of Ukraine that NATO programs, activities, and deployments beyond the direct needs of Ukraine's territorial defense are wasteful of national resources and undermine Ukraine"s real interests, as well as those of the United State. AIU also questions the value to Ukraine’s and the United States’ national interests of American or NATO bases and exercises in Ukraine.