Ukraine’s Tax Law and Its Enforcement

February 16, 2011
How can Ukraine promote constructive engagement and cooperation between the government and the business community as a prerequisite for successful economic reform?

On February 17, 2011 at 11:00 in the press center of N/A «Ukrainian News» (20 Esplanadna str.) Ameriacan Institute in Ukraine organizes expert Roundtable for discussion

During the fall of 2010 widespread protests took place in the business community over the new tax law, prompting a veto by President Yanukovich. However, shortly thereafter, a new law, hardly different from the one that had been vetoed, was enacted. Despite extensive concerns in the business community, there is also recognition that Ukraine’s ability to collect taxes and achieve fiscal responsibility is necessary to comply with requirements of the International Monetary Fund, which in turn is essential to economic recovery. This tension between the need for a rational tax policy and the specifics of the law and how it is enforced will be the topic of discussion over a broad range of issues, including:

  • Ukraine’s business community: united or divided in its assessment?
  • Issues of enforcement: the role of the tax police
  • What is the connection between tax collection and Ukraine’s economic recovery?
  • Politics and economics: gains and losses for the Yanukovich administration and the opposition.
  • Current conditions for small and medium businesses development

In discussions will be participating: Alex Kiselev, Co-founder of The United World International Fund; Alexander Danilyuk, Head of The All-Ukrainian Centre of Business Assistance; Vadim Karasyev, Director of The Institute of Global Strategies; Natalia Klauning, Expert at Gorshenin Institute and others. The event will be moderated by James George Jatras, AIU Deputy Director:

Roundtable program:

10:45 Start of the event. Coffee-break
11:00 Opening statement by James George Jatras, start of the discussion
12:30 Concluding word by James George Jatras, cocktail buffet
13:00 End of the Roundtable